Gen Z Getting married and moving FAR away!

Young Americans are moving out of the cities, getting good-paying jobs, and starting families earlier than the previous generation, Walker Wildmon told the Todd Starnes Show Thursday.

Wildmon, vice president of operations for the American Family Association and American Family Radio host, said he is seeing biblical and godly values making a comeback, especially among Gen Z.

“I really think a lot of people in this country, especially a lot of young people, they’re starting to realize that just this way of the secularist and the godless, this their way is obviously not working,” Wildmon explained. “I’m seeing a lot of young people in their late teens or early 20s that are getting married early. They’re having kids earlier and they’re starting a family. They’re moving out to the country, they’re getting a good-paying job and they’re working hard and they’re raising their kids. I’m starting to see that make a comeback.”

He added: “It’s kind of countercultural right now, but I think really people are starting to latch onto that again, as a good way to live and a good way to raise a family. And that is the right and the noble thing to do.”

Listen to the interview: Interview

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