CHRISTIANS – Take a Stand!

Christians Have to Take a Stand in the Culture

Most of the mainstream media in America don’t understand Christians, and many hate them.

Todd Starnes, who was the guest speaker behind the pulpit during Sunday services at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in California, which is led by Pastor Jack Hibbs, framed today’s mainstream media outlook on Christians and then gave a rally cry for the country during the current troubling times.

The journalist at the pulpit was fitting because both Starnes (radio show) and Hibbs (pulpit) pull from U.S. history to expose the deep Christian roots of the nation.

“My job at Fox News was to tell our stories to the rest of the country,” Starnes said in front of the congregation. “There are not many Christians in the mainstream media. There are very few, so, they just don’t get us. I think a lot of them hate us, but overwhelmingly I think they just don’t understand who we are. It was a joy for over the 15 years at the Fox News Channel to be able to share those stories with the rest of the country.”

Along with sharing his testimony of how he felt God “got his attention” and steered his career life, Starnes gave his thoughts on the political and cultural climate in the nation.

“I believe America is meant to be a Christian nation,” he said. “When you look at our founding documents, when you look at the letters and the correspondence of our Founding Fathers it is very clear to me that they were basing every decision they made on the Holy Scriptures.

“John Adams, our second president said this: Our Constitution is holy and adequate for anyone other than a holy and just people. That means when you take God out of the equation you get chaos. And what’s been happening over the last two decades in America? We have gotten chaos because we removed God from the equation.

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Joe Messina

Joe Messina

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