Another Dem lies about mask mandate!

Project Veritas Action Fund released a new video today exposing two Phil Murphy supporters directly tied to his re-election campaign. Murphy currently serves as New Jersey’s governor.

Wendy Martinez, who is a senior advisor in the Murphy campaign, was recorded admitting that the governor intends to implement a COVID vaccine mandate – but that the announcement would only be made after the November 2 election:

Veritas Journalist: “The [COVID] vaccine mandates, like California, that has the mandate that everyone has to be vaccinated.”

Martinez: “He [Murphy] is going to do it, but he couldn’t do it before the elections. Because of the independents and the undecided.”

Veritas Journalist: “The independents and the undecided would not vote for him if he did the mandates.”

Martinez: “Because they are all into all the sh*t. My rights, my sh*t — and they don’t care if they kill everybody.”

Veritas Journalist: “Well, you see that’s good to know then…after he wins, then he’ll do the mandates. The [COVID] vaccine mandates.” 

Manager of New Jersey Forward, Matthew Urquijo, whose organization works in tandem with the New Jersey Democratic State Committee and has the objective of re-electing Murphy, echoed the same sentiment as Martinez:

Veritas Journalist: “Do you think he [Murphy] will do something about that? Like the [COVID] vaccine mandates and stuff?

Matthew Urquijo, Manager of New Jersey Forward: I think so. I think the problem is right now — because it’s election season – he is not going to have people [in the campaign] say like, ‘We’re gonna have a [COVID vaccine] mandate now.’ Because, you know, for some people that’s going to piss them off. I think once, you know, we have a win, he’s like, ‘Alright, guns blazing, like, who cares, I’m in it. Let’s do the mandates, let’s do this, X, Y, and Z.’”

Veritas Journalist: “So, you think if he [Murphy] talks about mandates for [COVID] vaccines now, he won’t get elected because it’s a lot of push back?”

Urquijo: “Not that he won’t [get elected], but I think there are some people that, you know, might push back.” 

Project Veritas Action Fund will be releasing a Part 2 of this series exposing Governor Murphy’s re-election campaign later this week.

Story continues at: Vax Mandate

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