Americans REALLY support their ideologies financially!

Key Findings

  • 47% of Americans are unlikely to buy products or services from a company whose political leanings do not align with their own
  • 45% of Americans are unlikely to patronize companies that don’t have a stated sustainability policy
  • 40% are unlikely to patronize companies that don’t have published diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policies
  • Independent voters are most likely to take a company’s political leanings into account
  • 29% of Americans consider a company’s stances on political and social issues because they want their money to have an impact beyond their purchase

In our highly polarized climate, nearly every aspect of daily life can be considered an opportunity to make a statement about one’s views on political and social issues—including where we spend our money. But to the average American, how important are a company’s political leanings and views on issues like sustainability, diversity, and equity? surveyed 1,250 Americans ages 18 and older to gauge the influence of political and social issues on the purchasing process. Aside from the sentiments of the general population and political parties, our survey shows where demographics most diverge on each issue.

47% of Americans unlikely to buy from companies whose political views don’t align with their own

Overall, forty-seven percent of Americans say they are unlikely to patronize a business with opposing political views.

Given these attitudes, businesses must be mindful about the statements they make and how they might be perceived by current and potential customers, according to digital marketing executive Huy Nguyen.

“Companies need to consider if their core values and brand strategy match what they wish to communicate on political or social issues,” Nguyen says. “Consumers value authenticity and are quick to call out companies that may take a stand to appropriate a cause without having existing practices to support it.”

Independent voters most likely to care about company’s political leanings

Forty-nine percent of independent voters, who don’t necessarily align with one of the country’s dominant political parties, are unlikely to patronize businesses with opposing political leanings.

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