New Jersey Americans take it to Biden!

President Biden was heckled for stranding Americans in Afghanistan while he surveyed the damage from Hurricane Ida in New Jersey on Tuesday.

Biden was visiting a neighborhood in Manville and speaking to police when onlookers erupted over the president’s handling of the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“My country is going to s— and you’re allowing it!” one woman yelled off camera, according to C-SPAN’s footage of the encounter. “And I’m an immigrant and I’m proud of this country! I’d give my life for this country. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.”

“All this for a f— photo-op?” one man scoffed off camera. “You ain’t gonna do s—!”

“My best friend died in 2011 in Afghanistan for what?” a man asked angrily. “For this guy to pull this s—? You leave them in ruins and leave Americans behind!”

“He will leave you behind – you guys protecting him,” he said to the police officers assisting Biden.

“Leave no American behind!” the first woman screamed.

Biden appeared to pay no attention to the hecklers.

The president has repeatedly defended his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal despite breaking his promise to keep troops in the now-Taliban-led country until every American was out. The State Department now estimates there are roughly 100 Americans still trying to flee.

Story continues at: Biden hated by MANY Americans

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