NYT reporter finally admits how biased they are!

Barry Meier, a retired New York Times reporter and author of “Spooked: The Trump Dossier, Black Cube, and the Rise of Private Spies,” discussed with Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today” some of the topics of the book — including how corporate investigation firms have sprung up over the past few decades and have had tangible effects on politics and business.

Host Tucker Carlson asked Meier about his research into the effect on investigational firms and the Trump campaign, specifically how Fusion GPS – an opposition research firm founded by former Wall Street Journal reporters – became involved in looking into then-private citizen Donald Trump.

“What I’m trying to tell in the book is, this a story about an industry. It’s about a business that most of your viewers – and certainly, I didn’t know much about when I started researching the book – and that was the business of what’s known as corporate investigations — private spying companies who are hired by lawyers, corporations, litigants often, to dig up dirt on their adversaries, or to dig up information that will embarrass them publicly,” Meier said.

“In the past decade, there’s been a huge boom in this industry, and demand for these services and the growth of the number of firms conducting these types of activities.”

Meier said the business model evolved from the mid-20th century covert private investigators that may have surveilled an allegedly cheating spouse — or as Carlson described, someone who might stake out “outside a motel on the other side of town… take pictures and get paid.”

“Essentially, they were all digging up dirt of one type or another. So for example, if I have a beef with you, and you know, I think you’ve done something unfair or whatever that case happens to be, I would go to one of these corporate intelligence firms. And I’d say, find out everything you can about Tucker, and tell me– and dig into his past,” Meier explained. “[G]o talk to his friends and find out whatever you want to find out, and tell me about it, and maybe I’ll use it in a lawsuit about him. Maybe I’ll use it through some publicity to embarrass him.”

Story continues at: Big Journalist admits bias

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