No Honor Guard for Church!

A Missouri church was denied an Air Force Honor Guard for its upcoming Veterans’ Day commemoration because it is “prohibited from endorsing religious entities,” according to First Liberty Institute.

Manna Fellowship Church in Pleasant Hill, represented by First Liberty Institute and Whitehead Law Firm, sent a demand letter Monday to Whiteman Air Force Base (AFB) officials after being denied a request in July.

The Southern Baptist pastor, who has a son in the military, was surprised to receive the denial because they’d had the Honor Guard at the 2019 service.

“It’s the church that wants to endorse the United States military and veterans,” Mike Whitehead, attorney for the church, told the Todd Starnes Show.

Whitehead said he hopes it’s an odd mistake, noting that Department of Defense instructions have specific provisions for churches.

“There is simply no legal prohibition against an Air Force Honor Guard’s presence or support to a Veterans’ Day commemoration,” Whitehead said.

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