Moore Declares Osama WON!

Left-leaning filmmaker Michael Moore asserts that Osama bin Laden “won” due to the United States’ condition of disarray following the exit from Afghanistan.

“In death,” Moore wrote, “he is able to see the fruits of his labor. We, his mortal enemy, are in disarray, seriously at war with ourselves. It is the first time that a species has decided to eliminate itself. That’s real terrorism.”

On Substack, Moore published the headline “In The End, Bin Laden Won.” Moore wrote in the piece that he visited the Taliban to see how they acted in 1999. Two years later, on Sept. 11, 2001, two planes hit and destroyed the World Trade Center.

Moore, speaking on behalf of bin Laden, argued that the al-Qaida leader “sought to bankrupt us — financially, politically, spiritually. And to kill more of us. And get us to wipe out our American Dream.”

“He also wanted to neuter our military,” Moore continued, “and show the world that we could be defeated by men in caves who possessed nary a single fighter jet, or a Blackhawk helicopter or a can of napalm to their name. He knew it would be easy to make us impotent.”

Moore wrote that bin Laden knew the Sept. 11 attacks would draw the U.S. into a 20-year war, and that killing him was only a symbolic victory.

“Killing him, disbanding al-Qaeda, may have made it look like we won. But in death, he is able to see the fruits of his labor. We, his mortal enemy, are in disarray, seriously at war with ourselves. Violence looms with us every day,” the filmmaker continued.

Pivoting away from bin Laden, Moore went on to what he called our country’s neglect of “true” terror: capitalism and climate change.

“Capitalism, an economic system that is built on greed and thievery and kills people who must live in flooded basement apartments, and…what we call ‘climate’ — but the window to reverse that has now closed, and our only chance to stop the climate catastrophe, an historic extermination event, from getting worse is now the decision we face.”

Story continues at: Osama Won!

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