Finding the REAL extremists on facebook!

Have you noticed? Lately, Facebook is more confused and more creepy than usual. In that oh-so-tolerant way that today’s Left has, our Facebook Redirect Initiative Overlords continue to work hard flagging people and posts they don’t agree with as “extremists” and “extremist content.”

Early this week, Facebook flagged a post that I viewed as potentially exposing me to “harmful extremist content.” The post (full text below) simply asked a question and mentioned a MAGA hat in the context of the Gwen Berry anthem incident:

Gwedolyn, You may have been exposed
to harmful extremist content recently…..

Notice that the supposedly offending post didn’t mention President Donald Trump or imply or encourage violence of any sort and yet, it’s still deemed “harmful extremist content” from “violent groups” from which I might need protection and “support from experts” to cope with such exposure.

That’s right, the very thought of the acronym for “Make America Great Again” has become such a boogeyman in the leftists’ hivemind, they see it as harmful and extremist.

Story continues at:  FB-extremist

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