Can California Republicans survive?

California’s recall election is over. Californians chose the status quo.

That means the issues that propelled the recall, like crime, homelessness and loss of jobs likely will get worse.

If Republicans want to be relevant in California, they need to become the party of solutions for what troubles California.

The brilliant demographer, Joel Kotkin, has decried the hallowing out of the middle class in California. Kotkin has written that California has become the land of the wealthy, unions, and the less fortunate.

Part of that demographic change is the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Republicans who, over the last 25 years, have moved to states more friendly to their values like Texas, Florida, Nevada, Arizona and Tennessee.

For those who have remained and want change for the good, particularly Republican candidates and their party, it’s time to learn the simple lesson of the recall and the initiative process.

At the height of the recall fever, the campaign was about Gavin Newsom and his policy failures. California is worst in the nation in crime, poverty, homelessness, job exodus, wildfires and water mismanagement.

Those is favor of the recall, when it was ahead in the polls, including a poll 51% to 40%, were focused on those problems, policy choices and Newsom’s unlikability.

In the final month of the recall campaign, Newsom and his supporters spent nearly $100 million making the recall about anything but Newsom or his policies.

It was a successful strategy that defeated the recall but left California with all its problems still in place and likely to get worse.

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