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Print your own Ballot – what could go wrong?

Here's What We Know About California's "Print-at-Home Ballot" Recall Election Scheme

The story was all over social media this weekend: Crazy California Democrats have come up with another way to cheat on elections, this time by allowing every voter to vote from the “comfort of their own home” by using a “print from home ballot system.”

According to screenshots posted to Twitter, one from the California Secretary of State’s website and one from the Orange County Registrar of Voters, all California voters (not just those with disabilities or serving overseas in the military) can request a “Remote Access Vote by Mail” ballot for the California recall election, a ballot which is printed at home and then mailed or hand-delivered to the county elections official.

What? A universal print-at-home ballot for the California gubernatorial recall election? Say it isn’t so. Mailing every (alleged) registered voter a ballot led to disastrous results in the November 2020 election and additionally allowing every (alleged) registered voter a way to download and print a ballot will only make the cluster***k even bigger.

So is this really happening?

The short answer is yes, due to a gut-and-amend bill hastily passed by the Democrat supermajority in June 2020. This legislative workaround was necessary because Newsom had had his Executive Order-loving wings clipped by a Sutter County Superior Court judge last fall after a lawsuit challenging those orders was brought by two Republican Assembly members: Kevin Kiley and James Gallagher.

Still, there are some questions for which answers weren’t easily found online. RedState has sent those questions to the California Secretary of State’s office and three county elections offices, and we’re consulting with Election Integrity Project-California on the issue. When the county officials respond an update will be posted.

Story continues at:  Recall Election fiasco

Joe Messina

Joe Messina

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