Most Millennials say Jesus aint the only way!

Fr. John Parks, vicar for evangelization for the Diocese of Phoenix, moderates a panel of millennials at the diocesan V Encuentro / Fifth Encounter Oct. 28 at St. Paul Parish. The panelists addressed concerns of their peers. (Jesus Valencia/CATHOLIC SUN via CMM)

More than 60 percent of born again Christians in America say there’s more than one way to get to Heaven.

“These disturbing trends are, yes, due to pastors not consistently teaching biblical theory. But they can also be attributed to young Christians who are not paying attention, who are focused — nearly exclusively, it seems — on their phones, social media and other content they deem more compelling,” Kerby Anderson, president of Probe Ministries, told Christian Post.

Millennials and Generation Z Christians – between the ages of 18 and 39 say that Buddha, Muhammad and Jesus are all valid paths to salvation.

More than 30 percent of young Christians even believe that Jesus was a sinner. It’s a stunning development.

This means, even born-again Christians “can have a false view of Jesus Christ and embrace a pluralistic worldview,” Anderson told the Christian Post. “Pastors and church leaders just can’t assume any longer that the members of their church or Christian organization have a biblical worldview.”

If you believe that a relationship with Buddha or Muhammad will get you a mansion just over the hilltop – you are not born again.

And if you believe that Jesus was just a regular guy who got rowdy on Saturday nights – you may very well be dipping your toe in godless heathen territory.

It sounds to me like the Body of Christ needs to have a Come to Jesus meeting — or a hell-fire and brimstone revival service.

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