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Harvard Medical Professor says – Vax Mandates Create Distrust

Harvard Medical Professor says - Vax Mandates Create Distrust

A professor of medicine at Harvard University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston denounced the push for forced or mandatory vaccinations on Newsmax on Friday, saying it inevitably results in mistrust and skepticism.

Appearing on ”Greg Kelly Reports,” Martin Kulldorff particularly decried the requirement of those already who have been infected with COVID-19 to be inoculated.

”So for older people it is very important to get vaccinated because [they’re] at higher risk for mortality, for death if they get infected, but we have a problem with mandates,” the Swedish-born Kulldorff said. ”One is, if you try to force a mandate on people, there’s a tendency to resist. And there’s skepticism then against the vaccines.

“So to try to force people to take vaccines is not a good public health strategy. Public health [has] to be based on trust, and it has to be mutual trust.

“The second thing is that people who have had COVID, they have excellent immunity from having recovered from COVID, so they don’t need the vaccines. So it’s a waste to use scarce vaccines on people who already … recover. They have better or as good immunity as vaccines. And [there’s] people in other parts of the world who need these, older people.”

Kulldorff seemed stupefied that anyone with knowledge of COVID-19 would require, mandate or even suggest that those who have recovered from having the respiratory illness get vaccinated against it.

”Since you have recovered from COVID, you have very good immunity, and we know that it’s long lasting and we have more evidence of the immunity from having recovered from COVID than we have from vaccines because millions of people have had COVID,” he added.

Story continues at: Vax Mandates

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