We pray for boldness to fight the fight God called us to – NOT safety

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Dr. Michael Youssef confronts a difficult subject in his new book, “Hope for This Present Crisis — the persecution of the modern-day church in America.

“The post-Christian times in which we live are very much like the early Christian era in the Book of Acts. The dominant culture hated Christianity and tried to stamp it out,” says Dr. Michael Youssef, author of the new book “Hope for This Present Crisis: The Seven-Step Path to Restoring a World Gone Mad.”

Over the last year and a half, restrictions placed on churches during the COVID-19 pandemic and rising censorship of faith-based organizations and leaders has made it all the more apparent that opposition toward the Christian faith is only increasing.

“I think we are only seeing the beginning of the unfair treatment and persecution that lies ahead for the church,” says Dr. Youssef. “I believe we are heading into a time of severe testing where we are about to find out if we are made of the same stuff as the apostles. We are about to find out if we are willing to stand for God’s truth, whatever the cost.”

The stakes are high for Christians today, and the temptation for many is to bury their heads in the sand. But believers in Jesus must be careful not to fall in this trap.

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