Wash Post says kids need to see Gay Kink! REALLY?

A writer for the Washington Post says there’s nothing wrong with children watching hairy chested men wearing nothing but leather thongs spank each other.

If you are like me you probably threw up in your mouth after reading the opening sentence of this commentary.

Lauren Rowello, who goes by the pronoun ‘they’, wrote a scandalous essay in the Washington Post arguing that children should be exposed to the kinky side of homosexual culture – i.e. men in buttless leather chaps.

When our children grew tired of marching, we plopped onto a nearby curb. Just as we got settled, our elementary-schooler pointed in the direction of oncoming floats, raising an eyebrow at a bare-chested man in dark sunglasses whose black suspenders clipped into a leather thong. The man paused to be spanked playfully by a partner with a flog. “What are they doing?” my curious kid asked as our toddler cheered them on. The pair was the first of a few dozen kinksters who danced down the street, laughing together as they twirled their whips and batons, some leading companions by leashes. At the time, my children were too young to understand the nuance of the situation, but I told them the truth: That these folks were members of our community celebrating who they are and what they like to do.

I believe there’s a word for this sort of sordid behavior: grooming.

Ms. Rowello also took issue with parents who objected to the pornographic and perverted participants in some gay pride parades.

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