USA declares war with Christian Men

The mainstream media is going after a Christian men’s movement that has been around for decades.

USA Today’s “race and inequality editor” called on the Dallas Cowboys and AT&T Stadium, where Promise Keepers is set to take place this weekend, to ban the Christian men’s group.

Promise Keepers CEO Ken Harrison responded on the Todd Starnes Show Wednesday after USA Today’s Mike Freeman accused him of “anti-trans” hate speech.

Harrison refuted Freeman’s accusations, adding that he started receiving death threats after the op-ed.

“We’re going to preach God’s word, but we are not out to condemn or belittle anybody,” Harrison told host Todd Starnes.

Below is a rushed transcript of the Todd Starnes Show interview:

STARNES: Big event coming up this week, July 16th and 17th. Promise Keepers is back and they’re going to be at AT&T Stadium there in Dallas. On the Patriot Mobile newsmaker line is from Promise Keepers, Ken Harrison. Ken, good to have you with us today.

HARRISON: Hey, thanks, good to talk to you, Ken.

STARNES: Ken, first of all, I’m excited about this gathering. Tell us what’s going to be happening there. AT&T is a very large stadium. You guys are going to fill this thing up?

HARRISON: We’ll fill it mostly up, probably not sold out, but which is pretty impressive considering we’re just coming off of COVID and to get tens of thousands of Christian men together in one place. Pretty cool.

STARNES: Well, it is cool. And there is something about, you know, men gathering together to worship and to hear God’s word. I know my good friend James Robison, one of the speakers. What’s going to be happening and what’s the focus of Promise Keepers?

HARRISON: You know, we really want to preach God’s word in a way that I don’t think a lot of people are hearing it anymore. And so it’s going to be direct scriptural teaching men to men. And I think so many young people are saying they’re looking for father figures. They’re looking for examples of what a Christian man looks like. And we’re just going to give them God’s word. Straight up, no sugarcoating. I had somebody say to me, ‘Well, you know, what are you going to do to reach the young people? What’s your gimmick? What’s your stick?’ And I said, well, our gimmick is we’re going to preach the word of God. And I think that’s all we need. We’re not going to do fog machines and skinny jeans. We’re going to do, here’s what a man of God looks like. And I think the young people will respond in droves because they’re going to see the Holy Spirit really move with unadulterated truth and we’re not going to compromise.

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