Texas Democrat legislators say arrest warrants compare to slavery

https://twitter.com/juliejohnsonTX/status/1414690363005095942/photo/1 Julie Johnson/Twitter

Texas State Rep. Senfronia Thompson – one of the Democratic lawmakers that fled Austin for D.C. to deprive the state legislature of a quorum to vote on election integrity legislation – delivered a fiery speech in which she appeared to compare Texas officials threatening her arrest with the act of a slave escaping the plantation.

Speaking in Alexandria, Va., on Friday, Thompson, D-Harris said her caucus “refuse[s] to be a hostage.”

“I know there are search warrants out for us and I’m ready to be arrested,” she said. “What do you do to a slave if you don’t do nothing but arrest them when they flee. We fled Texas and if they want to arrest me, go ahead. I’m ready to be arrested.”

Thompson and her Democratic colleagues remain in D.C. this week attending a slew of voting rights-related events featuring guest speakers.

The lawmakers attacked Gov. Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans earlier in the week for allegedly trying to suppress the votes of minorities, and they have documented their exploits on social media, gloating about “fugitive” status, boasting of their “sacrifice,” and even singing “We Shall Overcome.”

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