Teacher says Illegals are like the Japanese in internment camps! Uhhh NO!

The Washington Free Beacon uncovered a radical indoctrination scheme inside a Maryland grade school. North Glen Elementary — operating thanks to your tax dollars.

Students as young as four years old were taught that illegal aliens being detained at the border are just like Japanese Americans who were detained on American soil during World War II.

The lesson failed to mention that President Franklin Roosevelt – a Democrat – was responsible for interning law-abiding American citizens.

And it also failed to point out a very important distinction. The Japanese Americans were in fact Americans. The illegal aliens are not.

In the virtual lecture, kids are shown images of protesters holding “Abolish ICE” and “Black Lives Matter” signs.

Nathan Volke, a Republican county councilman, called the lessons “disturbing” and further evidence that critical race theory is being taught in the classroom.

Volke told the Washington Free Beacon that “there is no parallel to the forced imprisonment of Japanese Americans, who were citizens of the U.S. during World War II, and the temporary detainer of individuals entering the U.S. illegally.”

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