Romney – Biden is an Honest Man! REALLY?

Failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney beamed with pride as he lavished praise upon President Biden.

“I do I take him at his word and a man of honor? Absolutely,” Romney said during an interview on CNN.

Romney was asked if he still trusted Biden after the president knifed Establishment RINOs in the back after they initially agreed to a bipartisan infrastructure deal.

“I do trust the president. and he made very clear in the much larger statement that came out over the weekend carefully crafted and thought through piece-by-piece that if the infrastructure bill reaches his desk and it comes alone, he will sign it,” Romney said on CNN.

“At the same time, I recognize that he and his Democrat colleagues want more than that, want other legislation as well. We, Republicans, are saying absolutely no. At the same time, trillions of dollars of new spending is something we will not support. Fixing the infrastructure in our country and fixing our airports and roads and bridges and transit system and rail is something we will support. We can get the job done.”

CNN host Jake Tapper asked the Utah senator how many Republicans in the Senate are committed to voting for the bipartisan infrastructure deal.

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