Pro-Transgender mob beats Women preacher – So much for Love Trumps Hate

Last week Todd Starnes told Americans about a transgender person who exposed himself to biological women inside a Los Angeles spa. The women were further horrified when the owners of Wi Spa defended the man who identified as a woman. They said he had a right to expose himself in front of women and little girls.

One infuriated customer filmed her interaction with a Wi Spa staffer.

“So, it’s OK for a man to go into the women’s section, show his penis around the other women, young little girls — underage — in your spa? Wi Spa condones that, is that what you’re saying?” she asks.

Another customer tells the woman to go somewhere else if she’s offended.

“You go somewhere else!” she replies. “You go somewhere else!”

Here’s the original video of that encounter that Todd shared on his national radio show:

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