Oakland Violence Protection Chief, Victim of violence! – Karma?

Oakland, California took away millions of dollars from the city’s police department to give it to “civilian violence interrupters” instead of cops, according to NBC Bay Area.

But it was an armed security officer that potentially saved the life of Guillermo Cespedes, the violence prevention chief for the city, after two criminals tried to stick him up during an interview.

“Two armed robbers held up a television news crew that was interviewing Oakland’s director of violence prevention outside City Hall on Monday afternoon, just hours after the police chief warned of worsening crime amid cuts to the police budget,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported. The criminal act came just days after the new budget was passed.

“Oakland police reported that the two suspects approached the newscasters at 3:09 p.m. and tried to steal a camera,” the local news organization reported. “After a scuffle, a security officer pulled out a gun and ordered the suspects to leave. They fled without the camera. No injuries were reported.”

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