Lefties made a BIG mistake, they turned on Muslims

School Board Member Abrar Omeish
School Board Member Abrar Omeish

LGBT activists will not be satisfied with half measures, and they are willing to turn on their political allies if they refuse to toe the line. On Friday, an LGBT activist group in Fairfax, Va., openly condemned a Muslim school board member who dared to hesitate before “100 percent” endorsing the activists’ lifestyles and demands. While the Muslim school board member is an outspoken leftist Democrat, the activists demanded complete support and total agreement with their orthodoxy. They condemned her for “emotional violence” and demanded a groveling apology, along with a complete endorsement of their lifestyles in public schools.

Last month, “Queer Muslim and Brown” activists with the Pride Liberation Project met with at-large School Board Member Abrar Omeish. At the meeting, Omeish reportedly declared that she did not believe she could “ever be a 100 percent ally” of the LGBT community. “Over the course of our meeting, Ms. Omeish created a deeply hurtful and traumatic environment for members of the Pride Liberation Project through her repeated insensitive statements.”

“Throughout the meeting, Ms. Omeish implied that being Queer is a lifestyle and a choice,” the Pride Liberation Project breathlessly reported. “She claimed that it would be a ‘challenge’ for her to provide an ‘outward endorsement or encouragement’ of Queer students, and that there was a ‘difference between going after oppression and endorsing’ LGBTQIA+ students. She also equated having LGBTQIA+ feelings to ‘sex before marriage’ and said that being invited to participate in a Pride parade would ‘give [her] pause.’”

Oh no! It almost seems as though Omeish might be a — gasp! — practicing Muslim, who takes the socially conservative stance of Islam seriously. The Pride Liberation Project did not explain Omeish’s position in detail, and Omeish has not yet commented on the situation, but most Muslim clerics (who interpret Sharia, a.k.a. Islamic law) very much follow a socially conservative position on marriage and LGBT issues (far too many of them, especially radicals in the Middle East, go so far as to put homosexuals to death, a position Omeish seems to rightly abhor).

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