Left wing spokes holes denounce cops BUT minorities want MORE police support

The panel on “The Five” sounded off Monday after another deadly weekend in the nation’s major liberal cities.

Dozens were shot and some killed in Chicago, gunfire erupted in a popular Washington nightlife area, and a mugger beat an elderly man senseless in New York City.

In the latter case, the NYPD released the video of a mugger on a Citibike assaulting a 68-year-old man in New Lots, Brooklyn, stealing his valuables and leaving him wounded on the ground. The Detectives union blamed the city and state governments’ for “failed” soft-on-crime laws that led up to the incident.

Host Greg Gutfeld pointed to the fact that much of the “defund the police” activism that has led to such chronic criminality is driven mostly by “White leftists” in groups like Antifa calling for defunding police on behalf of the minority community, while there have been reports of Black community leaders calling for more policing. One such leader in Brooklyn recently accused Mayor Bill de Blasio of “living in a fantasy world” on that account.

“[A]ctivists out there [are] talking about defunding more than anybody – and they don’t have to live with the consequences,” he said.

Host Dagen McDowell agreed, calling the dynamic another example of “soft bigotry.”

“The soft bigotry that people on the left ignored this for the last year-and-a-half when it was hurting communities throughout major cities, particularly Black and Latino communities,” she said, invoking a term coined in 2000 by President George W. Bush, denouncing the “low expectations” afforded students from impoverished or minority communities.

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