Kids growing up in a mom and pop home on the rise!

The Institute for Family Studies (IFS) found a surprising outcome when it tabulated the latest U.S. Census Bureau data:  the percentage of children who live in two-parent households has risen to a thirty-year high of 70.4%.

The finding was satisfying, yet surprising because for more than half a century all the “experts” on the Left have agreed that the nuclear family was antiquated and not beneficial to society:

The two-parent family of married mother and father bringing up their own biological children would soon be replaced by a menagerie of alternate family forms: cohabiting couples with children; single-parent families; blended families; same-sex couples raising children conceived and born in a variety of unconventional ways; and so on.

In other words, the Left’s so-called experts thought they had won the cultural war for the family by doing everything in their power to destroy the traditional family values of the two-parent household.

Thankfully, it appears they were wrong. Clearly, the nuclear family is alive and thriving even in the midst of a pandemic — though not at levels it once was.

The proportion of children living with two parents has gradually recovered, reaching 70% in 2020. And the fraction living in one-parent families has slipped from 28% to 25%, while the number living with neither parent has leveled off between 4 and 5 percent.

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