Kids get Covid Vaccines without Parental permission

A children’s health advocacy group has filed a lawsuit in federal court against Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser for allowing kids to receive vaccinations without parental knowledge or consent, The Daily Caller reports.

The lawsuit states that the Minor Consent Act for Vaccinations bill, passed in the D.C. Council by a 12-1 vote last October and enacted into law on Dec. 23, ”subverts the right and duty of parents to make informed decisions about whether their children should receive vaccinations, by both depriving them of the opportunity to make those decisions and by concealing from parents that their children have been asked to consent to vaccinations or may have indeed been vaccinated.

”In fact, the Minor Consent Act states that medical providers who administer vaccines under the Minor Consent Act shall seek reimbursement directly from the insurer without parental knowledge or consent,” it adds.

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