Kamala’s bully woes growing

kamala harris
kamala harris

Fox News host Jesse Watters attempted to bash Vice President Kamala Harris for “cackling like a wacko” Thursday, following a new Politico report that alleges Harris’ office is rife with disgruntled employees who believe their work environment isn’t healthy.

Watters, co-host of “The Five,” took the news of chaos in Harris’ office and ran with it, adding his own spin onto the story by arguing that the new claims stem from the vice president exuding what he called “toxic femininity.”

“This isn’t just, like, a low-level staffer that worked for Trump saying something that got overheard by Politico and sensationalized. This is 22 people talking to Politico, not a right-wing publication, so you know it’s ten times worse than it actually is. It sounds like a jailbreak or a cry for help. People are leaving or have left,” Watters said. “They’re looking to get out of there, and it doesn’t surprise me because the campaign imploded, and now the VP’s office is imploding.”

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