How many American Flags are too many?

A patriotic restaurant owner in northern Illinois is facing fines of $200 – all because he decided to fly an American flag outside his business, according to a report.

Terry Trobiani, who runs Gianelli’s, a hot dog and beef spot along Highway 176 in Prairie Grove, McHenry County, says he was ticketed for “improper display” after a village administrator recently stopped by, according to FOX 32 of Chicago.

“He says, ‘You might want to read this,’” Trobiani recalled the official saying as he was handed a printout of the local rules.

But Trobiani so far has refused to pay, FOX 32 reported. Instead, he took the two tickets he received and taped them to the restaurant’s front door.

“The American flag is a symbol of patriotism,” Trobiani said. “It’s not a sign. They’re equating it with open/closed. Dine in, sign out.”

Doug Underwood, the village president in Prairie Grove – about 52 miles northwest of Chicago, near the Wisconsin state line – told FOX 32 that the fines have nothing to do with patriotism. He claimed Trobiani was ticketed for posting his flag too close to the highway – and officials feared the flag could eventually be blown into traffic.

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