Franklin Graham backs Hobby Lobby after Atheists go after them for 4th of July ad

Evangelist Franklin Graham is defending Hobby Lobby after the Christian owned-company came under fire from atheists and LGBTQ activists for a Fourth of July ad.

The arts and crafts store ran full-page ads in a number of newspapers around the country on Independence Day promoting the idea that this is one nation under God.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,” Hobby Lobby wrote, quoting the Bible verse, Psalm 33:12.

Social media exploded Sunday, accusing Hobby Lobby of unconstitutionally mixing God and Government as well as promoting “propaganda.”

And the secular legal organization Freedom from Religion Foundation made an entire website to attack the Christian-owned company.

“In Hobby Lobby We DON’T Trust,” FFRF wrote on its site with a series of quotes included in the ad, claiming to refute them.

An LGBTQ blog, “Joe My God” put a headline out titled, “Hobby Lobby Goes Full Dominionist in July 4th Ad.

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