DeBlasio screws NY citizens and next mayor to the tune of 5 billion

Mayor Bill de Blasio is leaving his successor a budget with a $5.4 billion deficit, as he and the City Council have added another $300 million in hiring to the Big Apple’s payroll, according to a new analysis Tuesday.

The spending — which will be used to fund about 4,000 jobs — was quietly included in the $98.7 billion 2022 fiscal year budget that the City Council approved last month, a report by Citizens Budget Commission found.

The move reversed a hiring freeze that de Blasio included in his January spending plan, according to the CBC.

It also adds to the $5.1 billion budget deficit that the CBC projected last month.

The new workers would help swell the city’s workforce cap to an all-time high of 337,294, just shy of what was anticipated before the COVID-19 pandemic wrecked the Big Apple’s economy, the CBC said.

While this change to the 2022 budget will increase the workforce over this fiscal year, the spending plan also leaves in place a contradictory plan to eliminate 3,987 workers between 2023 and 2025, according to the CBC.

That will put the next mayor in the difficult spot of finding a way to cut those jobs or coming up with the roughly $300 million to fund them.

The budgetary maneuver followed a gimmick that the independent fiscal watchdog group uncovered in February, when it revealed that Hizzoner’s budget relied on scoring $1 billion in unspecified savings through concessions from the city’s labor unions.

CBC President Andrew Rein on Monday called Blasio’s late move a glaring example of “can-kicking.”

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