City Council member cornered by BLM forced to break law!

Here’s a story that was making the rounds Tuesday, but it’s worth a look. According to The Post Millennial, Black Lives Matter activists in Minneapolis surrounded a city council member’s car and demanded that she sign a statement promising that charges against rioters would be dropped.

City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins says activists held her captive in her car for 90 minutes while forcing her to agree to their demands.

KTVZ reports:

Activist Donald Hooker Jr. — one of the activists seen on video confronting Jenkins — says he asked her about police accountability, defunding police and returning George Floyd Square to the people.

“We were having a conversation. I was trying to keep her accountable, and I said, ‘Well, we we’ll just have to show up and do a protest at your house, a friendly protest,’ and then that’s when she blew up in my face,” Hooker Jr. said.

Charming. And defunding police? Were these protesters Republicans by any chance?

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