California election law meant to stop Trump may stop Elder

Conservative talk radio host Larry Elder says the California law used to disqualify him from being on the ballot for the recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom was originally passed by state lawmakers to force then-President Donald Trump to turn over his tax returns if he wanted to qualify for the 2020 presidential ballot.

Elder, one of the most recognized Republicans in the recall, announced his candidacy on July 12 to oust Newsom. But his campaign office was informed late Sunday night that Elder did not qualify for the ballot for the Sept. 14 election.

Candidates are required to submit tax returns for the five most recent taxable years and pay a nearly $4,200 filing fee or submit 7,000 signatures. California Secretary of State Shirley Weber’s office said Elder submitted incomplete tax returns.

A letter shared to Elder late Sunday by the secretary of state’s office does not detail what tax information he supposedly did not include. Elder maintains that he submitted all of the necessary paperwork and that the reasons given by the secretary of state’s office for his disqualification were vague and unclear. On Monday, he filed a lawsuit against Weber, demanding that her office put him on the recall ballot.

Elder’s lawsuit contends that California Senate Bill 27 requires presidential and gubernatorial candidates to submit the last five years’ worth of tax returns to be listed on a primary ballot.

“The idea was to force Donald Trump to hand over his tax returns if he wanted to qualify for the 2020 presidential ballot,” Elder told Fox News in an interview. “This was before, of course, his tax returns were stolen and publicly disclosed. So, it was all designed to get Trump.”

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