Burgess Owens Education system causing hate

Utah GOP Rep. Burgess Owens told Newsmax that young people are graduating from college today with debt, an education that doesn’t “really mean anything,” and are convinced that they should hate America.

Appearing on “Stinchfield” Friday, Owens believes hate for America being displayed in many groups — including Black Lives Matter — is misguided. Owens said, “Let me tell you why you have people like that, making those kind of comments. It’s because our education system that has our young people leaving college in debt with nothing that really means anything and hating our country.”

Jordan Peterson, a Canadian psychology professor, echoed Owen’s point on colleges. Some colleges are “enabling the activist disciplines,” Peterson says, “which have zero credibility … and by enabling the activist disciplines, they are allowing for the distribution of this … absolutely nonsensical view that Western society is fundamentally a patriarchal tyranny. Which is absurd.”

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