5 points to be a real man

Turning Point USA family, welcome to the highlights of my MAN TALK:

Point Number 1! Men need to have Godliness! We need men who fear God and self-regulate! Men control your emotions and your desires, and the truth will set you free!

Point Number 2! Men must stand UP for women and children! LET ME BE COMPLETELY CLEAR ABOUT THIS. If you do not stand up for the vulnerable among us, you are NOT a man. And to all real men out there, this is not news to you! If this bothers you, check yourself. I’m not here to HULK SMASH—I’m here to build you back up into a real man!

Point Number 3! Get your blood pumping! Hit the gym, dig a hole, do the construction or household projects, “pew pew” some guns! But do something that makes your blood flowing because you need to have a strong body to take on LIFE!

Point Number 4! Strengthen. Your. Mind. Take 30 minutes of each and every day to read, learn, and self-enhance. You need to have a sharp mind to take on the radical Left and all their lives.

Real men do everything they can to take necessary action to defend themselves in the physical and mental realms.

Point Number 5! Men, you need to be robust. ROBUST men can withstand attack. ROBUST men are not afraid of the threats of this world. And if you ever get afraid… remember Point Number 1—you are a GODLY man!

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