Transracial is REALLY a thing!

The newest social justice identity is here — “transracial” individuals who think they are really a different race than the one they were born as.

An article published Monday on the USA Today Network profiles a white male named Adam who now believes he is Filipino and calls himself “Ja Du,” and drives a “Tuk Tuk,” a Filipino vehicle.

The article reads, “Ja Du is part of a small but growing number of people who call themselves transracial. The term once referred only to someone (or a couple) of a one race adopting a child of another, but now it’s becoming associated with someone born of one race who identifies with another.”

Speaking about Filipino culture, “Du” says, “Whenever I’m around the music, around the food, I feel like I’m in my own skin.”

He is not just transracial, however. He is also transsexual and is thinking about changing his gender too.

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