Teacher resigns in an epic way!

Daniel Concannon, a site coordinator for the Manchester School District’s 21st Century Community Learning Center (21CCLC) program, has had it with the race-shaming curriculum and has resigned in epic fashion.

He’s not taking it anymore and he makes that clear in this resignation letter, below, which is Brilliant!

Note: I have a pile of background material from the author that I will publish in one or more follow-ups. There’s just too much to pack into one post and I didn’t want to take away from this masterpiece.

The redaction is mine – the unredacted image can be viewed here.

Note: Site Coordinator for 21CCLC at Northwest Elementary School, is a district administrative position.

June 28, 2021

Tom McGee
21CCLC Program Director
Manchester School District
a.k.a. The Temple of Equity
20 Hecker Street
Manchester, NH 03102

cc: Superintendent John Goldhardt; Chief Equity Officer (lol) Mary Steady; HR Director Christopher Cody; Board of School Committee

Human Wedgie McGee,

I hereby resign as 21CCLC Site Coordinator in light of The Frankfurt School Manchester School District’s endorsement of the dehumanization and hatred of White people, as evidenced by their dissemination of the imbecilic “White Privilege” curriculum presented by the intellectual titans at “Learning For Justice,” an organization founded by America’s eternal arbiters of truth and morality – the SPLC – where senior fellow Mark Potok’s office is decorated with celebratory charts of the declining percentage of White people in the United States and Europe. Despite MSD’s inability to abide by its own Anti-Harassment policy and the complete lack of respect and procedure MSD is owed in return, I will honor my obligation to provide two weeks’ notice. Surely, though, in the interest of the greater good of humanity, MSD will unburden itself of my unendurable “Whiteness” by exercising its discretion to “excuse an employee from such notice and relieve an employee from his or her position immediately.”

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