Student in Virginia says “One Nation Under Allah”- WHAT?!


Newsmax’s American Agenda panel reacts to the Justice High School graduation where a student said ‘Allah’ rather than God during the Pledge of Allegiance – Via Newsmax’s ‘American Agenda.’

Partial Transcript from video:

Melanie Collette – “My jaw dropped. That’s an absolute disgrace….”

Amanda Makki – “It kind of makes you wonder if this is where President Biden has just made it so easy for people to just do whatever they want and say the things they want irrespective of the laws and the rules. But look, we are a Judeo Christian Nation and our Pledge of Allegiance says one Nation Under GOD, and it has since 1942. So the fact that these people have just taken it upon themselves to change what speech they’re gonna give at graduation or change the words of the Pledge of Allegiance, That’s wrong and again its One Nation Under God. Not Allah, not anyone else.”

Mark Vargas – It’s un-American, its unpatriotic, and its quite frankly upsetting…”

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