Newsom recall to cost taxpayers over $215 million

Elections officials in all 58 California counties have estimated their costs in the recall election against Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom at over $215 million, according to ABC.

A California Department of Finance press release indicated that all 58 counties responded to a request to provide their preliminary estimates for costs associated with a recall election, which totaled approximately $215 million.

Deputy Finance Director Erika Li sent a letter on Thursday to top state legislators saying that the figures are lower than the initial estimate of up to $400 million to pay for recall election administration costs.

The recall bill is high enough that county governments will have to ask the state’s Legislature to pay for it.

For example, the estimated costs associated with Sacramento are fairly consistent with what Janna Haynes, spokesperson with Sacramento County, told ABC10 in mid-May.

“Sacramento County anticipates a recall election can cost as much as $4-5 million just for our county,” Hayes said.

The county with the highest estimated costs was Los Angeles County — which has the largest population of any California county — at $49,154,000.

San Bernardino County came in at a close second with an estimated $32,068,216.

Newsom and his allies have argued that the cost of the recall election is just too expensive for California, with the money being better spent elsewhere.

California is enjoying a record surplus, reported Bloomberg.

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