Newsom ignores new gas tax

Hold on to your wallets, Californians. A new gas tax hike is set to take effect on July 1.

Californians already pay the highest gas taxes in the nation. This hike adds another 0.6 cents to existing state tax for a total of 51.1 cents per gallon. That’s 21 cents higher than Californians paid just four years ago.

After a week of cringey appearances touting the COVID-19 vaccine and the relaxation of his draconian stay-at-home order, Governor Gavin Newsom is tellingly silent on the coming gas tax hike.

Several California legislators have had enough of Newsom’s actions..

Senate Minority Leader Scott Wilk (R-CA21) told PJ Media, “The governor is investing in himself rather than California by parading around the state like a game-show host, passing out billions of taxpayer dollars.”

And Newsom is gleefully touring the state at a time when not only are California’s state gas taxes the nation’s highest, but the state’s average price per gallon is the highest as well.

“Those very same taxpayers,” said Wilk, “could use some relief from our high cost of living, not a giant PR stunt by the state’s governor.”

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