Is CRT Demonic Ideology?

Illustration by M Scott Byers
Illustration by M Scott Byers

The following is a rush transcript of Todd’s interview with Voddie Baucham. Listen to the entire interview below.

TODD: [01:22:15] Well, we’re glad you’re doing better. You look great. And we’re glad you’re back in the fight because there is a war and the culture like I have never seen. And at the center of all of this is critical race theory. And you write about that. You talk about that extensively. How dangerous is this to to America?

BAUCHAM: [01:22:36] It’s incredibly dangerous. It’s a destructive ideology. It’s a divisive ideology. It’s an ideology that’s built on the idea, you know, of the oppressor, oppressed paradigm of all these Marxist critical theories. But this oppressor oppressed paradigm, you know, divides people based on race and ethnicity and says that white people, by virtue of their whiteness, are guilty and they’re guilty because America, by virtue of its whiteness and Americanness, is guilty and that all other people are really victims of that oppression. So it’s inherently divisive.

TODD: [01:23:18] And that’s an interesting and important distinction as well, because you’re right, it portrays one group as the oppressors and the other as those being the oppressed. And it’s got to be offensive to both sides.

BAUCHAM: [01:23:30] And I ought to be. But people who ought to be offended by it instead are not being offended by it because this is all about power. You know, all of the critical theories, whether it’s critical pedagogy or, you know, critical theory writ large, critical race theory, whatever all of these are about, not only using that oppressor oppressed paradigm, but working toward the revolutionary overthrow of whatever that oppressor is and about a transfer of power. So instead of people being offended by this, they hold on to it because it promises power.

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