IRS says Biblical values ‘exclusively Republican’

Christian organizations across America still remember vividly the orchestrated attack on their fellows that developed under Barack Obama.

That was when the Internal Revenue Service badgered faith organizations that wanted to operate, and be recognized as a tax-exempt organization under the law. They were badgered, bullied and bludgeoned with unreasonable requests for details, including personal information about participants.

The major tactic was to simply delay, delay, delay, so they could not operate during the 2012 presidential election, during which issues of faith were at hand.

Now there are indications another campaign is beginning. It’s because the Internal Revenue Service denied permission for a Texas organization called Christians Engaged to be recognized as tax-exempt.

Word of the problem comes from First Liberty Institute, which is appealing the IRS rejection of the Christians Engaged’s request.

“In a letter issued in May, the IRS argued that Christians Engaged was not eligible for 501(c)(3) status in part because ‘[B]ible teachings are typically affiliated with the [Republican] party and candidates,” the legal team explained.

“The IRS states in an official letter that biblical values are exclusively Republican. That might be news to President Biden, who is often described as basing his political ideology on his religious beliefs,” charged Lea Patterson, counsel for First Liberty Institute. “Only a politicized IRS could see Americans who pray for their nation, vote in every election, and work to engage others in the political process as a threat. The IRS violated its own regulations in denying tax exempt status because Christians Engaged teaches biblical values.”

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