Evangelicals are a Moral Freak Show

An MSNBC panel concluded that the Evangelical movement has become a “moral freak show” because it has rejected science, education and taught “Donald Trump is the second coming of Jesus Christ”

During a panel discussion on Monday, American writer Peter Wehner accused Evangelicals of adopting far-right conspiracy beliefs because they are “legalistic,” “anti-intellectual” and “anti-science.”

“There’s an almost existential fear among many people on the Christian Right about… progressivism and the Left,” Wehner told MSNBC, calling the problem impacting American Christianity “a fusion between fundamentalism and evangelicalism” which are “two very different and distinct things.”

He defines fundamentalism as “legalistic,” “anti-intellectual” and “anti-science,” which he says has “created a dangerous mix, or cocktail, in the evangelical world, and they have so wandered away from the core messages of Christ and the Gospel.”

He concludes that young people are leaving churches because of they see this “moral freak show and want nothing to do with it.”

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