Democrats ignore the REAL day slaves were freed

The end of slavery with the passage of the 13th Amendment should be heralded as the most important anti-racism day in American history. It was the biggest step towards the equality of opportunity we have in America today, a step that was absolutely necessary for any other race advancements in America’s history to take place.

Despite this, Democrats have taken “Juneteenth” to be the day they celebrate the fight against racism. This makes absolutely zero sense until we take a look at the politics behind the history. Dinesh D’Souza did just that in a Tweet on the new national holiday.

“Democrats prefer #juneteenthday to the real occasion on which slavery was abolished—the date the 13th Amendment was passed permanently ending American slavery. This is an awkward day for Democrats because the vast majority of them—even in the North—opposed the 13th Amendment!”

Despite attempts at revisionist history by many who commented on his Tweet, it is absolutely accurate. If any of the pertinent days associated with the 13th Amendment were made into a national holiday, it would act as a yearly reminder that the roots of the Democratic Party have always been tied to racism and the roots of the Republican Party have always been tied to equality.

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