Colorado mom hands it to Board of Education

A Colorado mom at the helm of a nonpartisan parental rights group balked at the Douglas County School Board’s attempt at “transparency” Tuesday in its approach to an educational equity policy she likened to the controversial critical race theory.

“We don’t need a more transparent view of a policy that is fundamentally flawed at its heart,” Deborah Flora, founder and president of Parents United America, said during a public meeting. “It divides students into groups based on their race, and let’s face it, racism to fight racism is still racism.”

She said parents had been largely left out of the process to design the district’s equity program.

“We’ve heard that this is not CRT. However, those that this board did choose to consult with are CRT proponents, and since this last meeting, they’ve referred to us and dismissed us by our skin color, called us dissenters and barriers,” she said. “It has also been insinuated that we don’t care about children with special needs, and that is outrageous and absolutely not true. Those trying to silence us purposely are conflating CRT with special needs.”

Equity programs do not always include critical race theory, an anti-racism program that critics deride as racist itself, but Flora told Fox News on Wednesday evening that the equity policy’s initial wording contained CRT-themed phrasing, including a reference to the “myth of meritocracy,” that has since been toned down.

“‘Equity’ in and of itself is a key word because it is not the same as ‘equal opportunity’ or ‘equality,'” she said. “Equity demands equal outcome that only happens when you gerrymander a system to favor one group over another.  It is not what was fought for in the Civil Rights Movement.”

She also took issue with the involvement of the Gemini Group, a consulting firm that specializes in racial equity and inherent bias training, being brought in to consult on the policy.

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