2500 Christians come out to worship after County says NO!

After 11 Supreme Court rulings on church closures, most government officials have realized (or been forced to realize) that their dictatorial powers to shut down churches are limited by the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights. But that acknowledgement has not settled upon Santa Clara County in California. Most churches remain shuttered in the San Jose area, because if they dare to meet in person, like Pastor Mike McClure’s Calvary Chapel San Jose has been doing since last May, they will face significant fines.

Even though California’s “recalled” governor, Gavin Newsom (D) has been forced to rescind his First Amendment violations, and has even been ordered to pay millions of dollars in attorneys’ fees, the county government of Santa Clara continues its unlawful action. So why does Santa Clara keep up its open hostility toward the churches? Could it be linked to the fact that it is located in Silicon Valley and home to most of the Big Tech companies which control the local government?

Whatever the source, I saw firsthand on Sunday the hostile environment Santa Clara County has created for Bible-teaching churches. Last week, a protest was announced over the invitation by Pastor McClure for me to preach at Calvary Chapel San Jose. Of course, the media gave the protest full coverage — rolling out the worn-out talking points from the Southern Poverty Law Center to try and maximize the protest turnout and discourage people from attending the church service.

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