Second amendment believer saved many lives

Police said Zachary Arnold, 26, shot 87 year old Lois Hicks in her home Saturday morning in an apartment complex in the 3500 block of South 74th Street. Arnold also lived at the apartment complex.

Arnold was armed with a semi-automatic rifle and after he shot Hicks, police said he continued to shoot at neighboring apartments.

Kris Jossi, who lives at the complex, told the Times Record that Arnold was shouting for people to exit their apartments.

Then another resident retrieved a hunting rifle and shot and killed Arnold. The resident who shot Arnold has not been named by police as of Tuesday.

Property Manager Cherre Miller said that after the shooting, the tenants formed a committee and decide to honor the resident who shot Arnold with a plaque remembering his actions, “just to show him how grateful we are.”

“If he had not done that, we don’t know how many people could’ve died,” Miller said.

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