Professor says Civics out, Anti-Americanism IN!

A New York professor told Tucker Carlson Wednesday that students in social studies and civics classes are being taught what educators still call civics – but what is a far cry from the nonpartisan, “E Pluribus Unum” factual grounding on which past generations were educated.

Suffolk County College Professor Nicholas Giordano joined Fox Nation‘s “Tucker Carlson Today” to warn that students are not learning even the basics of American law, the Constitution or even the correct story of the Founding. The latter has been borne out through the New York Times’ 1619 project, which incorrectly claims America was founded on racism rather than a common humanitarian ideal.

“While everyone is focused on Critical Race Theory that is being pushed, this started 20 years ago,” he said of the left-wing theory in which the Times’ 1619 Project is based.

“This whole devaluing of America — and that’s probably the biggest problem, because with the citizenship exam and the Constitution exercise I do, it got me curious as to what students are actually learning.”

“You’ll find that they are not really learning about our government; they’re not learning about the Constitution, the roles and responsibilities of the institutions — It’s taking more of a globalist approach and when they do focus on the United States, they’re focusing on the negative aspects, their past sins as opposed to totality of the American experience,” he added. “That’s not education, and that’s a big problem.”

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