Obama hates Tea Party

President Obama
President Obama

President Obama called members of the Tea Party “racist motherfu**ers,” according to the forthcoming book, “Battle For the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaign to Defeat Trump.”

Obama, a professional race agitator and community organizer, reported made the comments after a 2017 Obama Foundation holiday party in Chicago, author and Atlantic journalist Edward-Isaac Dovere wrote.

Dovere writes that the remark came when his staff asked how it felt “to be made out as an anticapitalist by the Republicans,” despite the fact that he had previously worked with big banks and corporate leaders.

“Obama gave a long, reasoned answer,” Dovere writes in the book, as reported by Business Insider. “As for the Tea Party, Obama said, well, they were ‘racist motherf—ers.’ “

The Tea Party movement sprouted up in 2009 and was at the time focused on undoing Obamacare and enacting conservative fiscal policies, People magazine reported.

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