More and more transgenders are looking at DE-Transitioning!

CBS News screenshot of Grace Lidinsky-Smith, a detransitioner.
CBS News screenshot of Grace Lidinsky-Smith, a detransitioner.

On Sunday, CBS News’ 60 Minutes aired an important news segment on the phenomenon of detransitioning — when a person who identified as transgender and undertook various interventions to confirm a cross-sex identity later rejects a transgender identity and embraces his or her biological sex. Many transgender activists have objected to news outlets covering these important stories, but 60 Minutes ran with the story, anyway.

“I can’t believe that I transitioned and detransitioned, including hormones and surgery, in the course of, like, less than one year. It’s completely crazy,” Grace Lidinsky-Smith told 60 Minutes host Leslie Stahl.

Lidinsky-Smith suffered from serious depression and developed gender dysphoria in her early 20s. She began searching for answers in transgender communities on the internet.

“And when I saw them being so happy and excited about doing this wonderful, transformative process to really, like, become their true selves, I was like, have I considered that this could be my situation, too?” Lidinsky-Smith recalled.

Stahl asked Lidinsky-Smith whether “a sense that men had it easier in life than women” played any role in her decision to transition.

“Yes. I just had this sense that if– if I could inhabit life as, like, a trans man, as a man, then I wouldn’t feel so self-conscious,” she explained. “I was thinking that it would make me feel very free.”

She says she found a gender therapist on the internet who easily approved her on the process.

“Did the therapist not question you about how deep the feeling was and what it was stemming from?” Stahl asked.

“She didn’t go – really go into what my gender dysphoria might’ve been stemming from. We only did a few sessions,” Lidinsky-Smith recalled.

Since she was over 18, she merely signed an informed consent form at a clinic and received hormone shots.

“They asked me, ‘So, why do you wanna go on testosterone?’ And I said, ‘Well, being a woman just isn’t working for me anymore.’ And they said, ‘Okay,’” Lidinsky-Smith recalled. So, she got a prescription for testosterone.

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