Facebook pulls Pro-Israel page over hate speech?

Social media giant Facebook took down a pro-Israel page last week after it was allegedly targeted by radical Islamists amid ongoing unrest in the Gaza Strip.

The Jerusalem Prayer Team (JPT) page, which has tens of millions of followers, was reportedly shut down on Friday after it was flooded with comments from people who allegedly wanted it taken offline.

The page’s founder, Michael Evans, told The Christian Broadcasting Network that there was an “organized attempt” by radical Islamists to target the page. Evans then said the people, who posted over 1 million comments on the site, contacted Facebook to say they had never written on the site.

A separate news outlet reported that Evans said some of the content posted was extremely anti-Semitic, including photos of Hitler.

“That was a complete scam and fraud,” Evans told CBN. “It was a very clever, deceptive plan by Islamic radicals.”

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