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Dems threaten to pack the court if SCOTUS doesn’t do what they want

Dem's agenda threatened by Supreme Court's 6-3 Conservative majority as they take up Mississippi abortion case.

Democrats are panicking. What else is new?

Even with a slim majority in Congress—and their puppet in the White House—Democrats still have a major weak spot in their socialist agenda: the Supreme Court.

Trump left the court in a good situation, with a 6-3 conservative majority.

That means Democrats can’t ram their agenda through the courts and get away with it.

But they are even more nervous, now that Trump’s SCOTUS just took up a major case. And as they grow desperate, Democrats make more threats.

From The Hill:

Democratic senators say if the Supreme Court strikes a blow against Roe v. Wade by upholding a Mississippi abortion law, it will fuel an effort to add justices to the court or otherwise reform it.

The Supreme Court’s conservative majority this week agreed to hear the Mississippi case, which could dramatically narrow abortion rights by allowing states to make it illegal to get an abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy…

Chipping away at Roe v. Wade will precipitate a seismic movement to reform the Supreme Court,” he said. “It may not be expanding the Supreme Court, it may be making changes to its jurisdiction, or requiring a certain numbers of votes to strike down certain past precedents.”

Because Democrats have no control over the Supreme Court, they are already talking about ways to reduce its influence over our country.

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Joe Messina

Joe Messina

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